NEOMED COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Are High

In Ohio, 52% of the population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Compare that with NEOMED: Of 991 students, 964 are vaccinated. That’s a 97% rate. 

Both M3 and M4 students have a 100% rate, followed by M1s at 97% and M2s at 97%.

In the College of Pharmacy, P3 and P4 students are at 97%, with P2s close behind at 96%. Of the 57 first-year pharmacy students, 51 are vaccinated, for a rate of 91%. 

Students in the Modern Anatomical Sciences program in the College of Graduate Studies can take a bow for their 100% rate: All 16 students are vaccinated.  

NEOMED faculty and staff have a strong showing, too: Out of 462 employees, 428 are vaccinated and 34 are unvaccinated/undisclosed, for an overall vaccination rate of 93%.

By comparison, Ohio State University reported on Aug. 24 that the rate for its university community was above 73%.  

As members of the University community have commented in “Why I Got the COVID-19 Vaccination” stories in The Pulse, there are many reasons – all contributing to the University’s impressive rate. 

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