NEOMED COVID-19 Vaccination Rates High

The NEOMED community has excelled at protecting itself and others from COVID-19 by getting vaccinated. Here are the latest rates, as of Thursday, Sept. 9:

Out of 462 employees, 429 are vaccinated, for a rate of 93%, while the overall rate of vaccinated students is 98%.

In the College of Medicine, every M3 and M4 student is vaccinated. The same 100% rate is true for the 16 students in the Modern Anatomical Sciences master’s degree program in the College of Graduate Studies. The rate for M1s and M2s is 98%.   

In the College of Pharmacy, 99% of the P3s and 98% of the P4s are vaccinated. 97% of the P2s and 95% of the P1s have gotten “the jab.” 

Members of the NEOMED community continue to share their reasons to get vaccinated. Here’s one more story, from REDIzone research scientist Judy Fulton, Ph.D

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