NEOMED has Big Showing at Regional Family Medicine Conference

The 2021 Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC) Annual Meeting was held in Pittsburgh Oct. 8-10. FMEC is a regional family medicine organization consisting of the northeast region of the United States.

The theme of this year's conference was "Family Medicine: The Unbreakable Bridge to Health Equity.”

At the annual meeting, NEOMED and its partner family medicine residencies had a big showing. Twelve NEOMED College of Medicine students, five Department of Family and Community Medicine faculty, and twelve partner Family Medicine residency program faculty/residents presented.

Here are the presentations by NEOMED students, faculty and its affiliate family medicine residency programs.

NEOMED students and Rootstown-based faculty:

  1. Burnout and Wellness Quality Improvement Study
    Amy Adik (M2), Arjun Pandya (M4)
  2. Practicality of Extended Leave of Absence of Family Medicine Physicians Experiencing Burnout
    Jake Brock (M4)
  3. Implementing the Comprehensive Opioid and Pain Management Curriculum in Ohio’s Medical Schools: A Qualitative Study
    Stacey Gardner-Buckshaw Ph.D., MPA, Elizabeth Beverly Ph.D., John Boltri M.D., FAAFP, Rebecca Fischbein Ph.D.
  4. Interprofessional Engagement for Medical Student Training at a Student Run Free Clinic
    Stacey Gardner-Buckshaw Ph.D., MPA, John Boltri M.D., FAAFP
  5. Behaviors, Beliefs, and Perceptions of COVID-19 in Rural Ohio
    Sanjay Jinka (M3), Sanaa Mansoor (M4), Matthew Kubina (M3), Jay Natarajan (M3), Rebecca Fischbein, Ph.D., Mike Appleman, MA Ed.
  6. Primary Care Implementation of MAT for Opioid Use Disorder in Northeast Ohio
    Poojajeet Khaira (M4), Stacey Gardner-Buckshaw, Ph.D., MPA, Adam Perzynski, Ph.D.
  7. Implementation of a Dietitian Screening Protocol at a Student-Run Free Clinic
    Emily Marsico (M2), Anna Cherian (M4), Alicia Bond, M.D.
  8. Responding to the Primary Care Workforce Challenge
    Stacy Potts, M.D., Ashley Bentley, MBA, Erik Porfeli, Ph.D., Gina Weisblat, Ph.D., John Boltri, M.D., Mike Appleman, MA Ed.
  9. Rape Crisis Center Evaluation: Pre- and Mid-Pandemic
    Roshni Wani (M2)
  10. Improving Routine Cervical Cancer Screening Rates at My Community Health Center: A Quality Improvement Proposal
    Michaela Ward (M2)

NEOMED family medicine residency partners:

  1. Physician Inbasket Management: A Lean Six Sigma Approach
    Verlaine L. Blaser, D.O.
  2. Preparing to Succeed: Moving from Student Loan Indebtedness to Financial Success
    James Hemphill, CFP, CIMA, CPWA, Joy Sorensen Navarre, BA, Christine Alexander-Rager M.D.
  3. The Juggling Act: Women, Medicine, and Families
    Christine Alexander-Rager M.D., Amy Crawford-Faucher M.D., Stacy Potts M.D.
  4. Developing New Models of Healthcare in the Covid Pandemic: A View from the Street
    Michael Seidman M.D., Christine Alexander M.D., Katie Davis MSN, RN, PHNA-BC, Rahul Shenoy M.D., Leanne Chrisman M.D.
  5. Implementation of a Medical Legal Partnership in a Family Medicine Residency Program
    Brooke Babyak M.D., Shannon Perkins Ph.D.
  6. Know Thy Inhalers! A Workshop to Improve Care for Patients with COPD and Asthma
    Hemalatha Senthilkumar M.D., Bode Adebambo M.D., Dominique Monteleone
  7. Flu Outreach During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Pratik Patel M.D., John A. DiSabato M.D., FAAFP, Katherine Davis M.D.
  8. (MCH) Introduction to Prenatal Care for the Family Medicine Resident
    Kathleen Fay M.D., Lynn Hamrich
  9. 9Skin Spots in Short Time Slots: An Interactive FM Dermatology Curriculum
    Shawna Koprucki M.D., Lisa Weiss M.D.
  10. Forming a Narrative Medicine Group in Residency
    Jessica Tomazic M.D., Lilian White M.D., Carl Tyler M.D.
  11. Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections in Males
    Ifeolorunbode (Bode) Adebambo M.D., Hemalatha Senthilkumar M.D., Jamil Khoury M.D.
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