NEOMED honors 2023 Alumni Award recipients

NEOMED honored three of its outstanding alumni and major contributors at the annual Alumni Awards Dinner, Friday, May 12.

David Vitatoe, senior director of alumni relations, welcomed guests with a few words on how the alumni continue to shape the culture at NEOMED.

“In a short time, I have learned about the remarkable, transformative experience that happens here for our students,” said Vitatoe. “I have also learned that so much of this is due to the dedicated and gifted faculty, and supportive staff community, as well as dynamic leadership at the top with our president’s office, our provost and our deans. This is a special place, and tonight focuses on the outcomes of the NEOMED experience.”

Congratulations to the recipients listed below, along with a few words on why they deserved the honor from their nominators:

Distinguished Alumni Award
Frank Papay, M.D. (’84)

“Dr. Papay’s contributions to medicine not only resonate as an alumnus, but also continue to impact his field on a worldwide scale. From his leadership in performing the first face transplant in the U.S. to his myriad of publications and innovations in biomedical engineering, he has truly left his mark on the medical field. For these reasons and more, the committee is proud to award Dr. Papay the distinguished alumni award.”

—Jeffery Monteith, M.D. (’06) and Kim Monteith, M.D. (’07), Alumni Association Awards Committee Members 

Distinguished Service Award
James Kravec, M.D. (’02)

“James F. Kravec, M.D., is more than deserving of the Distinguished Service Award for his many contributions to NEOMED during his career. He continues service to NEOMED through his regional leadership and educational role for the Bon Secours Mercy Health System.”
—Doug Moses, M.D. (’95), Chair of the Alumni Association Awards Committee

Lifetime Achievement Award
Zouhair Yassine, M.D. (awarded posthumously)

“Dr. Yassine spent endless hours, working with first-year medicine students and conveying his love of orthopaedics and human anatomy. He and his wife also generously shared his love for entertaining and ballroom dancing with the students, inviting the entire freshman class into his home each year for a party. He was literally the most hands on and enthusiastic educator we were exposed to over the four years of medical school.”

—Susan Ray, M.D. (’84), Alumni Association Awards Committee Member


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