NEOMED Outreach to Those Impacted by the Tragic Events Occurring in Afghanistan

Dear NEOMED Community:

I want to further elaborate on the message sent out to the community yesterday morning. The news of the tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan are incredibly troublesome.  From the horrible scenes we have witnessed in the media to the atrocities that are occurring out of sight, we are beyond saddened for all. These troubling events are having a traumatic impact on communities worldwide. They are especially difficult for our community members with family and friends in the region and for our nation’s Veterans who served in support of operations in and around Afghanistan and their families, some making the ultimate sacrifice.

The recent events are bringing back terrible memories, exacerbating post-traumatic stress disorder in some, and taking a heavy toll on the emotional health of many others. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with them and with the people of Afghanistan. And as we recognize the threat to the lives and human rights of the Afghan citizens, as well as to the safety of our soldiers, we want to do all that we can to support those who need our help.

We want everyone to know that NEOMED is here for you and that we have resources to help you during these difficult times.

Talking to someone during troubling times can be helpful to many, particularly for those who have feelings of anxiety, sadness or frustration. We urge anyone who feels overwhelmed to reach out for counseling by contacting the following NEOMED service areas:

We realize that there are times when members of the NEOMED community may prefer to speak with a therapist who represents specific demographics or cultural perspectives. For that reason, we have partnered with Coleman Professional Services, which will serve as an extension of our student counseling services to ensure that we find the right fit, as determined by NEOMED students. We also want faculty and staff to know that ― through the EAP ― they may request counselors according to their demographic or cultural preferences. 

With utmost sincerity, I will say this again:  the wellness of each of us has an impact on all of us. You do not have to face concerns alone.


John T. Langell


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