NEOMED's Safety Protocols for COVID-19 and the Delta Variant

Dear NEOMED Community:

I hope you all are finding time to enjoy the summer. As we welcome new and returning students to campus, I want to update you on our latest University safety protocols for COVID-19 and the Delta variant. 

After a lengthy assessment of the NEOMED vaccination data, on-campus COVID positivity rate and the changing local landscape due to the Delta variant, NEOMED will be making some changes to campus COVID-19 safety protocols.

These decisions were discussed with the Portage County Health District, which is in agreement with our approach. Until further notice:

  1. Facemasks must be worn by everyone, regardless of vaccination status, while in any formal classroom setting.
  2. The South Corridor is now designated as a mandatory facemask zone. This area extends from building entrances/exits near the Bitonte Atrium through the hallway that ends/begins by the NEOMED Security Office. It includes access to Intermediate Hall and Great Hall classrooms as well as several offices along the perimeter. Exception: Masks are not required inside offices.
  3. All areas of campus other than those described above will continue to follow the CHOICE program previously communicated
  4. Anyone who develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19 is forbidden from coming to campus until they have had a valid negative COVID-19 test.
  5. Anyone who develops symptoms or has exposure concerns should confer with their local health department or family physician for evaluation and recommendations. 
  6. Regardless of whether symptoms are present, anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 is required to report their COVID-19 status to the NEOMED COVID tracking team. The primary care physician or whomever administered the test is also required by Ohio law to immediately report the positive test status to their local county health department (even if results are from an at-home COVID test).
  7. The NEOMED COVID-19 tracking team does not have the authority to provide individual medical advice. Please contact your health care provider.
  8. For all positive cases, contact tracing is mandatory and required to be accomplished by your department of health, not by NEOMED.
  9. Anyone who tests positive, or is required by a health department to either quarantine or isolate, is forbidden to come to the NEOMED campus or participate in any clinical rotations until released by their local health department. All are required to communicate their status with the NEOMED COVID tracking team. Students must also update the NEOMED Office of Student Services and employees must update their supervisors and the Office of Human Resources.


John T. Langell


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