NEOvations Bench to Bedside Program Receives Grant from Burton D. Morgan Foundation

NEOMED’s NEOvations Bench to Bedside program has been named the recipient of a $116,500 grant from the Hudson, Ohio-based Burton D. Morgan Foundation, which will help provide financial support of the program over the next two years.

The NEOvations Bench to Bedside program helps student learn the initial process of creating medical technology to meet the needs of the patient, through idea creation, prototype design, business/marketing analyses and commercialization. Students interact closely with mentors, such as physicians, health care providers, clinical partners and industry leaders to identify a patient’s need at the bedside and aid in their search for a medical solution. The program provides the intellectual environment, resources and education to successfully develop novel medical solutions.

“We are extremely appreciative of the generosity and support of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, which helps so many meaningful organizations in our community,” said Fayez Safadi, Ph.D. “This grant will allow us to continue building the program and offer unique learning experiences and opportunities to students within NE Ohio to enhance their entrepreneurship in medical innovation.”

-- Submitted by Fayez Safadi, Ph.D.

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