New Air Unit for D Building

Labs in the D Building will soon benefit from a more efficient air-circulation system with cleaner air.

Getting it installed, though, presented a challenge to Campus Operations. According to director Dale Hluch, a crane large enough to remove the existing 6,000-pound unit couldn’t fit under the bridge to get into the courtyard and reach D Building.

The solution? If you can’t under, go over!

The giant crane was positioned outside the connection corridor between buildings C and M on Nov. 9. A temporary make-up air unit was craned into place along with structural steel to create a maintenance platform. Workers worked all evening to hook up the temporary unit. On Nov. 10, the old make-up air unit will be craned off the roof. Work will progress in preparation for the permanent make-up air unit.

In about two weeks, the process will repeat, with the temporary unit removed and the new system installed.


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