NEW! Participation Agreement for Not-For-Credit Experiences

Dear M1-M3 Students,

During medical school, you may choose to engage in off-campus, noncredit experiences (i.e. shadowing, research, etc.) to help enhance your clinical skills or competitiveness for residency placement. These experiences must:

  • Be at the direction of and approved by College of Medicine, Student Affairs
  • Be of educational merit
  • Be hosted by a physician/principal investigator who has agreed to supervise you by abiding by the NEOMED Not-for-Credit Guidelines (see pg. 4)


  • Students will not receive a grade for this experience but are encouraged to get feedback for this activity from their preceptor. Feedback will not be graded or reflected on the student's medical school transcript.
  • Not-for-credit activities may not be covered by NEOMED’s student malpractice insurance policy, so it is extremely imperative that you complete this form to determine whether coverage will apply to your activities.
  • Clinical Experiences (M3-M4 students):

M4 students: Can actively participate in clinical, hands-on experiences with written approval from all individuals involved in this experience.

M3 students: The Medical Education Departments at NEOMED affiliated sites have asked that M3 students DO NOT participate in shadowing experiences during rotations.

If you have specific questions regarding this policy, please reach out to Dr. Sue Nofziger, Director of M3 Clinical Experiences ( If you plan to participate in one of these experiences, you must complete the attached Participation Agreement for Not-For-Credit Experiences, prior to starting your experience. This form is also located on the NEOMED website, in the FORMS section under “OTHER”. 

What experiences require completion of this form?

  • If you are participating in the NEOMED Student Research Fellowship Program this summer, you do not need to complete this form, since the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has your information on file.
  • If you have arranged for an on-campus research project with a NEOMED faculty member/principal investigator outside of the NEOMED Student Research Fellowship Program, you must complete this form.
  • If you were accepted to participate in a local/national research fellowship/preceptorship program, you must complete this form.
  • If you plan to engage in any not-for-credit/shadowing experiences throughout M1-M4 year, you must complete this form.

Please contact Harmony Stanger at with additional questions.



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