Nominations needed for the NEOMED Virtuous Healer Honor Society (VHHS)

Dear M3 Students and Faculty:

You are cordially invited to submit nominations for the NEOMED Virtuous Healer Honor Society (VHHS). The purpose of VHHS is to recognize current M3 NEOMED students who exemplify the attributes of the virtuous healer, including:

  • altruism,
  • compassion,
  • curiosity,
  • generosity,
  • humility,
  • justice and
  • moral imagination

The VHHS is composed of NEOMED students and faculty who exemplify the attributes listed above (see definitions of each attribute).

The nomination and selection process are both codified by the VHHS Advisory Committee and reviewed on an annual basis thereafter.

The Selection and Advisory Committee and the VHHS co-chair select members annually. VHHS members are expected to attend VHHS meetings and meaningfully participate in the planning and implementation of an annual service project, as well as any other projects identified by the VHHS membership or advisors.


Akanksha Dadlani
“To be a part of VHHS is a true honor. The amazing individuals in this group are always a reminder for me to be better in all facets of my life. Being a part of this group has made me strive to better my engagement within the community, and within the clinical setting. Whether it’s my work with the Student-Run Free Clinic at NEOMED, or through my rotations, I now always have the added lens of VHHS to my care provision. The emphasis on service, integrity, and altruism are all tenets that I hope to carry with my through residency and beyond.”


Anna Cherian
“The Virtuous Healer Honor Society has helped me learn how to take initiative and see through various projects and activities through communication, setting realistic and attainable goals, and fostering an environment where members feel connected and encouraged. I enjoy engaging with my inspiring peers and serving our community!”


Bill Downing
“VHHS is a special organization.  It keeps our focus on prioritizing the dignity of those we serve in the clinic. It also challenges us to carve out time for community service beyond the clinic even during the busiest of times.”


Laura Allen
“Being nominated for and inducted into VHHS has truly been a pleasure. The organization has allowed me the opportunity to network and continue to better my community through clinical and community organizational experiences. VHHS includes many individuals who are all passionate about “healing” our community. When I step into the clinic or hospital, I try keep in mind the principles of the organization. It is my goal to provide the most compassionate and comprehensive care for my patients as possible. I also do my best to advocate for those in need. Being a part of VHHS is truly an honor that I will carry on throughout my practice.”  


Rachana Raghupathy
"Every time we have a VHHS meeting, I leave feeling inspired by my peers, and that really speaks to the high caliber of students we have here at NEOMED—conscientious, patient, service-oriented. For me, VHHS has been a medium through which I can work with like-minded individuals. We talk about how we can make our community better, create opportunities for collaboration, and celebrate the successes of our fellow students. Many of us here at NEOMED entered into medicine with the intention of positively impacting the lives of our future patients, and being a part of VHHS has shown me the various ways we can turn that into a reality."


All M3 students currently enrolled and in good academic standing are eligible for consideration. You may nominate up to five M3 students for this honor and are encouraged to also include comments for each nominee, explaining the reason for your nomination. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Please only fill out the form once.

Deadline to submit nominations is Sunday, Dec. 5, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Submit a nomination.

Feel free to contact Dr. Fredrickson at or Ms. Stanger at if you have questions or would like additional information about VHHS. Best wishes, L. Austin Fredrickson, M.D., VHHS faculty advisor, or Harmony Stanger, M.B.A., VHHS administrative advisor.

-- Submitted by Harmony Stanger, assistant director of student affairs

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