November Student Support Spotlight Awarded

NEOMED cares about students.

To give thanks to the offices that keep students at the center of their work through outstanding services and support, Student Services has created the monthly Student Support Spotlight.

With nominations from students, Student Services chooses one office per month that is deserving of the honor. The traveling trophy is displayed in that office for the month, and a certificate is presented to the winning department to keep.

Our community is continuing to improve diversity and inclusion efforts on campus. In this month’s nominations, students wanted to give this award to the diversity support staff across NEOMED.

Here is what one student wrote: “The Office of Diversity has been very supportive in helping LMSA achieve its vision and mission. They helped in putting together the Latin America Travel Fair in every step from planning to execution. Without them, the event would not have been possible.”

With multiple nominations this month, our November Student Support Spotlight is awarded to Diversity Support Staff. A huge thank you to Andre Burton, Molly O’Malley, Iris Mirelez and Victor Torres for continuing to support our students and build an increasingly more inclusive NEOMED community.

Submitted by Ashley King, coordinator of student affairs.

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