Office of Ombuds Hosts Online Scavenger Hunt

Around the globe, the third Thursday in October is celebrated annually as Conflict Resolution Day. At NEOMED, the Office of the Ombuds organized an online scavenger hunt for the second consecutive year to promote awareness of how the Office of the Ombuds can support students, faculty and staff in managing conflict within our academic and workplace environment. The online scavenger hunt began on Oct. 19 and ended on Oct. 25. 

A total of 126 people participated – 48 percent students and 52 percent faculty or staff. Below shows a breakdown of participants:

Faculty                        5 (4%)

Staff                            60 (48%)

COGS student            4 (3%)

COM student              37 (29%)

COP student              20 (16%)

All answers to the scavenger hunt questions could be found online. Anyone who scored at least eight out of ten points correctly was automatically entered into a drawing to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card. Ninety-five percent of the participants scored at least 8 out of 10 points, qualifying them for the drawing.

The winner of the drawing, Heidi Der, College of Medicine curriculum coordinator (shown in the center of the photo, to the right of Ombuds Angela Dash) was awarded her prize on Monday, Oct. 30.

In case you missed it, following are the questions and correct answers for the scavenger hunt.

Question #1 
Which is the correct website for the Office of the Ombuds?


Question #2
The Ombuds aids in the effective and timely management of disputes, conflicts, issues and concerns that may arise in the academic or workplace environment. What makes the role of the Ombuds unique? Clue

Communication made to the Ombuds is considered confidential and “off-the-record”

Question #3
The Ombuds encourages the use of her mobile number, instead of office email and voice mail, for confidential communications. What is that number? Clue: This information can be found in the footer of the Ombuds' website.


Question #4
What was the percentage increase of student usage of the Ombuds' services reported in the 2016 Annual Report of the Office of the Ombuds? Clue: Answer can be found in the 2016 Annual Report


Question #5
As a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach with extensive training in executive and professional coaching, the Ombuds not only assists students and employees when they are trying to manage specific disputes, conflicts, issues and concerns, but also when they are seeking proactive measures to have more positive relationships with others and enhance their interpersonal and communication skills (i.e. emotional intelligence). In the article Why Emotionally Intelligent People Are More Successful, what is said to be the first thing that is essential for any degree of emotional intelligence? 


Question #6
In the article Why Emotionally Intelligent People Are More Successful, what is the reason stated for why people with good social skills are excellent team players?


  • They have the ability to move an agenda along;
  • They can keep focus while remaining aware of the emotional climate of the group; and
  • They have the ability to respond to the emotional climate of the group.

Question #7
The Office of the Ombuds provides professional development opportunities through the delivery of workshops aimed at increasing communication and conflict management competencies. These workshops are open to students and employees. How many times was the workshop "Practical Mediation Strategies" offered? Clue: Past workshops organized by the Office of Ombuds can be found on


Question #8
According to the article The 5 common myths about workplace conflict, difficult people are always the cause of conflict. True or False? 


Question #9
You can meet with the Ombuds, Dr. Angela E. Dash, virtually by Skype. True or False? Clue: Check Dr. Dash's email signature line in the email sent when the scavenger hunt was announced.


Question #10
Who was the winner of the $200 Amazon gift card drawing from last October's Conflict Resolution Day online scavenger hunt? Clue: Answer can be found in The Pulse.

Lohith Vatti

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