Our Cultures, Our Community: Cynthia Deokarran

The flag display “Our Cultures, Our Community” represents the countries from which our students and their families come. It reminds us that including people from different cultures and experiences in decision making will help enrich community life at NEOMED.

How does the exhibit make you feel? Here’s one response:

Growing up, I never saw my culture being represented in the media, or anywhere really. While my roots are Indian, being Indo-Guyanese means so much more than that. Growing up in America, where race is such a big part of how we identify each other, it was hard to identify as just Indian or just Guyanese. Being Indo-Guyanese is its own special culture that does not fall into just one category.

I can now stand firm on my cultural identity. I am so proud to be a first-generation Indo-Guyanese American, and it means a lot to me to see my flag represented at NEOMED.

--Submitted by Cynthia Deokarran (P2)

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