Our Cultures, Our Community: El Salvador

The flag display “Our Cultures, Our Community” represents the countries from which our students and their families come. It reminds us that including people from different cultures and experiences in decision-making will help to enrich community life at NEOMED.

How does the exhibit make you feel? Here’s one response:

To see the Salvadorian flag at NEOMED is one of the biggest honors for me. As a descendant of an immigrant, my grandparents and mother migrated to the United States from El Salvador, a small country of roughly 6 million in population. They left El Salvador to escape the dangers and instability of the country, in hopes of a better life. Growing up I watched as my single mother worked two jobs and raised three kids on her own in a foreign country, a story that gives me strength every day. Seeing the flag at NEOMED reminds me of how hard my mother worked just to give me a chance in the United States. This flag amongst all serves as an inspiration to others that even a small country such as El Salvador could make it into the prestigious NEOMED.

I am very proud and grateful to call myself a NEOMED student, and even more grateful to be able to share the story that came along with this Salvadorian flag being hung at NEOMED.

  • Submitted by Miguel Gonzalez, first-year student in the Master of Medical Science in Anesthesia program
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