Our Cultures, Our Community: Hala Daghlas

The flag display “Our Cultures, Our Community” represents the countries from which our students and their families come. It reminds us that including people from different cultures and experiences in decision-making will help to enrich community life at NEOMED.

Here’s one response:

I am a first-generation Palestinian American, but it’s not just that simple. My parents were from Palestine, but my father’s family was removed from their home, and my mother’s family decided to leave their home for somewhere safer. Both of my parents ended up in Jordan seeking refuge. After some time, they were naturalized, which is why I am a dual citizen of the United States and Jordan. Once my parents met, they decided it was again time to move somewhere safer for their new family, and so they ended up here, in good old Ohio. How I got to where I am today is more than just the physical transition from one country to another. It’s a very long story filled with tears, confusion, heartbreak and fear. Because of this, I sometimes have a hard time understanding my identity.

Seeing all of the flags flown at NEOMED  reminds me how grateful I am to be here and have the ability to carry my story along with me. I am a proud American, Jordanian and Palestinian NEOMED student, and if there’s one thing that I know for sure, ana dammi falastini.

--Submitted by Hala Daghlas-Yusuf (P3)

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