Patch Adams Offers Advice and Cheer to the NEOMED Community

“Take me to the person who is suffering most.”

This is the first thing Patch Adams says when entering a hospital. It’s a philosophy that has helped spread cheer to those who are in desperate need for something to smile about.

Adams spread cheer while speaking to students, faculty and staff in attendance on Thursday, Dec. 2 on the NEOMED campus. He was impossible to miss with his long, bright blue hair and a mismatched outfit that had more colors than a jumbo pack of Crayola crayons.

Adams, who was portrayed by Robin Williams in the 1998 film about his life, spent time sharing stories from his work as both a doctor and a clown, and answered questions from the audience. He offered advice to students, emphasizing the importance of taking time to learn about the patient as a person, not just by their symptoms.

Adams mentioned a key turning point in his life, when he vowed to never have a bad day. He has used this bottomless source of optimism to spread his message to help as many people as possible through his humor and positivity.

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