Lola is a rescue dog. She is still nervous around strangers but has warmed up a great deal in the past four years.

She guards the yard against squirrels, bunnies and chipmunks, and chases the blimp away whenever she sees it.

-- Submitted by Dudley B. Turner, Ph.D., academic assessment coordinator, Testing Services, Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services

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Meet An Unlikely Pair

I have several cats and two dogs, but these two are such amazing friends that they make me smile every morning. They start every day with a shared breakfast and a cuddle.

Nobby is a Golden/Afghan mix that we adopted when he was three years old in 2011. That same summer, Stanley came to us as a tiny foster kitten still needing to be bottle fed. At the time, I was fostering a lot so we had converted a small bedroom off of the living room into a quarantine room, replacing the solid door with a screen/glass door to allow for limited interaction between my pets and the fosters until they were deemed safe to roam with the “big boys.”  

For two weeks, Stanley played in the quarantine room and Nobby watched the action from the middle of the living room floor. I didn’t think anything about it until I let Stanley out to explore the house. He ran through the open door directly to Nobby and the two of them began cuddling. I was amazed. Nobby generally wasn’t interested in any of the other cats or kittens we had, and Stanley had bypassed one of my adult cats and several toys to go directly to Nobby.

When Stanley was big enough to go to a forever home, I couldn’t break their hearts and separate them, so we kept Stanley. What’s one more cat? They’ve been fast friends for 11 years. It was the only time I had a foster-fail because my dog fell in love with a kitten.

--Submitted by Monica Lenox, assistant director, credentialing, Office of Student Services

A cat in a windowsill

Meet Dante

Yesterday, July 10, was National Kitten Day. What better time to share a photo of one of our feline friends?

Meet Dante.

According to his human, Jeri Jones, sponsored programs administrator in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: “He’s three years old and is obsessed with belly rubs.”


Lindsay Anderson, executive administrative assistant in Advancement, sent this photo of her four-legged friend.

Her name is Foxi Lady – a one-year-old cocker spaniel who is quite mischievous.

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Meet Nora

Two dogs lying down.

Kali Williams shares the photo above and says, “Our new fur baby, Nora, joined our family at the end of March. She is a 4-month-old Rottweiler. She gets along great with her two-year-old brother Nico. This photo captured a rare, calm moment.”

Williams is director of public safety.

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a dog laying down. a dog on a lawn.

Snickers Matthew is a one-year-old long-haired brindle miniature dachshund that isn’t actually that mini! My son insisted that Snickers also have his middle name of Matthew.

--Submitted by Toccara Ball, senior HR generalist, Employee Relations and Development, Office of Human Resources and Diversity

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A dog in an easter basket.

Meet Clown

Look what I got in my Easter Basket this year: an eight-week-old Great Dane puppy named Clown. She’s a great addition to our dog family.

-- Submitted by Jayne Poyer, supervisor in the Comparative Medicine Unit

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A woman holding a chicken.

Meet Elsie

Here’s a photo of me with my favorite chicken, Elsie.

She is a Jubilee Orpington – named in honor of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Victoria’s reign, during which she received a flock of Jubilee Orpingtons as a gift.

--Submitted by Pamela Roeper. M.A., instructional designer, Academic Technology Services

Meet Mr. Jones

Darcie Flower, senior executive director of the College of Medicine and Division of Clinical Affairs, says Mr. Jones (attired here in NEOMED gear) is her favorite pet.

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