Pharm Sci Celebrates Students’ Achievements and Passion in Research

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharm Sci) took time out July 28 to share lunch and celebrate a talented group of students and an exciting year of student research experiences in the Pharm Sci labs.

Over the past academic year, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences sponsored activities for faculty to share their love of research with students and to offer a glimpse into the research world and various career opportunities.

More than 50 students spent time getting first-hand experience in the research labs during the year. The experiences ranged from high school student visits to Ph.D. candidates working with major advisors to complete their dissertations.

Beyond NEOMED and Bio-Med, students from area high schools toured and volunteered in the labs, and students from universities including Kent State University, The University of Akron, and Ohio State University completed rotations and spent time studying neurodegenerative disease, traumatic brain injury, precision medicine, nanoparticles and proteomics in Pharm Sci labs.

Ten students from the colleges of medicine and pharmacy participated in the Summer 2022 Research Fellows Program; many of them are expected to present their research as part of the NEOMED Student Research Forum in November. Some will also have the opportunity to present their work at national meetings, highlighting their significant contribution and ownership of the work, essential characteristics of transformational leaders.

Students said the following about their experiences:

  • “I loved getting to see how our work had the potential to make a real impact someday in a clinical setting”
  • “What surprised me most about research is how you can turn mistakes into learning experiences”
  • “Everybody took different paths to end up at NEOMED, but had the same common interest in research”

Overall, it was a successful year of student research in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences!


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