Prepare well for global travel

Planning an overseas trip? The keys to staying healthy include vaccinations and protecting yourself from mosquito bites, according to Keith Armitage, M.D., who was the speaker at the 2024 Chatrchai Watanakunakorn, M.D., Lectureship in Medicine.

Unfortunately, travel medicine is not typically covered by insurance, meaning that individuals are on the hook for vaccine costs. This leads many travelers to only get the required vaccines, but Dr. Armitage mentioned others are well worth the cost as they can prevent severe illnesses that could lead to death.

At the top of his list is the vaccine for Yellow Fever. It is only needed once per lifetime, and has not changed since its implementation in 1936. Others to consider are vaccinations for malaria, rabies and dengue, which Dr. Armitage quipped is “over two billion served.” The deadly disease is spread by mosquitos. Further prevention includes wearing long pants, long sleeves and using an insect repellant that includes DEET.

Ultimately, travelers should visit their physician before an overseas trip to discuss which vaccines are recommended based on the location, activities and duration of travel.  

Watch the 2024 Chatrchai Watanakunakorn, M.D., Lecture

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