See Video from Jan. 31 Campus Update, Plus Answers to Questions

At each campus update, President Langell invites participants to ask questions.

Following are questions and answers from the Jan. 31 update.

Will the position for Vice President for Research be posted to NEOMED’s job site shortly and will there be a public search?

There will be a formal search for the position of Vice President for Research and the job description will be posted as soon as the details have been finalized.

For those of us that completed the green belt class and passed assessments but are tracking our projects, will we still be able to get the certification?

Yes, both yellow belt and green belt training will continue as well as the certification for participants.

It would be great for NEOMED to reconsider the telework/flexible work policy to allow for expanded remote options. Counterparts at other universities have flexibility to be fully remote when the position allows.

HR continues to monitor and implement the flexible work arrangements policy and practice and will continue to provide feedback and recommendations to leadership for any potential changes in the future. 

There are many people in the south corridor who do not follow the mandatory mask zone! I see it every day – students, staff and faculty continually do not follow the mask mandates.  It is very disappointing and upsetting.

Academic leadership has been made aware there are individuals within the south corridor who are not adhering to the Mandatory Mask Zone policy in place.  As you know, NEOMED has relatively low infection rates among its students, faculty and staff. Please do your part to ensure this continues by wearing your mask within posted academic areas. It is up to each of us to keep our community healthy and safe.

Do part-time employees need to do the same Human Resource exemption forms as full-time employees for their vaccine status?

Yes, part-time employees are also required to complete exemption forms to ensure compliance with campus safety protocols. Forms may be found on the HR page of the intranet.

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