Reminder: Reporting Illnesses/Absences for Students

Dear NEOMED Students:

Thanks to your commitment to safety and wellness, 99% of our student population on campus has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Your diligence has resulted in very low positive rates of COVID as well as low student absences. Thank you for making NEOMED a safe place to learn, teach and work.

Effective Sept. 1, we revised our process for reporting absences, positive COVID test results and exposures. We ask that you review this FAQ document, which advises about how to manage absences by completing the University Student Absence Form if you:

  1. test positive for COVID-19,
  2. experience symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or
  3. are exposed to COVID-19.

The form allows you to report your absence to Student Services and your college. Your college will communicate your absence to your curriculum leads, who will in turn directly inform you of what to do to address curricular activities.

This new process allows you to report your absence directly to your colleges so they can assist you with your curricular progression. Once your symptoms clear or you have a negative COVID test, resubmit the University Absence Form so that you can be formally cleared to return to classes.

The reporting structure is still available, but only for reporting positive COVID-19 test results.

Until further notice, please do not use the college-specific absence forms for illness-related absences.

For College of Medicine students, only use the College of Medicine Absence Form for absences due to:

  1. professional activity related absences,
  2. religious observation absences or
  3. absences to attend regular health appointments.

For College of Pharmacy, for any other requested absences, complete the Pharmacy Absence Form. Please retain the FAQ Student Instructions as a resource for instructions on how to manage any COVID-related issues you may encounter.

Thank you for reviewing the details of this communication carefully. Stay well!

Submitted by:

Dr. Sandra Emerick
Senior Executive Director, Academic Affairs & Student Services

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