Report of the Student Trustees: Highlights from June 9 Board of Trustees Meeting

Thank you to all who responded to the Student Trustees’ call for feedback. We used your comments, and questions to help inform and gather information for the Board of Trustees and NEOMED leadership.

In the future, we encourage reaching out to your Student Trustees with comments, suggestions, and questions.

Rootstown Campus and Hospital Safety

Students have reached out with concerns regarding the safety on campus, in light of the recent national events. Many students feel safe on campus and at our clinical partner sites. NEOMED Chief of Police Kali Williams highlighted the training and procedures in place to ensure University safety. The University also has a Crisis Communications Plan and an Emergency Management Plan in place to maximize human safety, minimize danger, preserve, and protect property and critical infrastructure, respond in an efficient and coordinated manner, provide for responsible communications with the NEOMED community and the public during and after an emergency, and restore normal activities. Students are encouraged to reach out to the NEOMED Police Department with any campus safety concerns.

Some students expressed concerns about safe and free parking. It is a clinical partner requirement that student parking is safe. The University conducts a regular review of sites to ensure this requirement is fulfilled and will explore these concerns in the upcoming review.

Support for Research

Many of our students are involved in research and request help with statistics and analytic software. Dr. Steven Schmidt, vice president for research, helped clarify the resources available to students. We have several expert biostatisticians here on campus who can assist students. Students are encouraged to reach out to Julie Aultman, Ph.D., if they are looking for NEOMED faculty to help with specific questions. Students can purchase a software license to SPSS currently for $34.95, which is a fraction of the full price. Expanding access to software to aid student research pursuits will be explored in the future.


Students have expressed desire for more food options on campus, especially later in the evening. It was proposed extending hours of current options, adding healthier vending options, and possible self-serve solutions. The University is currently exploring these options.

- Submitted by Student Trustees Joshua Tidd and Sanjay Jinka

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