If ever you entered “C’s” southernmost door, you may have witnessed the fresh flowers that seemed to welcome you upon entry. If not, perhaps you smelled them as your eyes were more focused on the artwork positioned slightly above and just beyond the table where the flowers had been carefully placed each day. The scene looks the part of every nook that you might find, offering solace for the crazy day that lies ahead, or an open yet uninterrupted space for you to do your best work, or simply a place to plop down once the day is over. You look forward to coming back tomorrow — fresh flowers awaiting.

She couldn’t write her own goodbye, so we did it in a way that we think she would have.  While she would have written it better, it is the only way for us to truly say, “Thank you, Elaine Guregian, for helping us smell the richness and see the beauty of the work of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners through your love of the humanities.”

Congratulations to Elaine Guregian, director of publications and communications, on her retirement from NEOMED. Her seven years of excellent work includes leading the revamping of our semi-annual magazine, Ignite, as chief editor and writer; providing feature stories for our website and daily newsletter, The Pulse; and serving as an editor, proofreader and writer for countless other initiatives. We think you know about the 60-plus awards earned, including several that will be presented next Friday at the All-Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards.

Elaine’s last official day is June 30. But her last day on campus is today, June 3. She’s taking the remaining time to make travel plans from a chair in her garden.

While it’s always difficult to replace such a talented person, we are seriously concerned about the flowers. Unfortunately, HR would not let us add “must replace flowers daily” to the position requirements.

We’re open to volunteers, though. As you stop by and offer her well-wishes, just ask her for some gardening tips.

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