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The April 2024 eclipse in black and white.

Northeast Ohio experienced a once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse on April 8. Many of us took a break from remote work or classes to watch the totality, and some – like Victor Torres, director of global engagement – managed to capture the historic moment on camera.

The phases of the eclipse in April 2024

“The camera I used is a Canon SL3, mounted on an Askar FMA 230 Apochromatic telescope (f/5.5). This mounted on a sky tracker,” Torres shared. “For the phases of the sun, I used a DYI solar filter (Fitted a small sheet of solar film filter on some cardboard, and tube of cardboard to rest it all on the main body of the telescope). The rest of the pictures I took off the filter and shot away. All of these were taken in my front lawn in Stow.”

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Did you capture some awe-inspiring photos of the eclipse? Or did you snap some photos of classmates or colleagues enjoying the spectacle? Share them with to be featured on NEOMED social media pages.

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