Skill-Building Workshops

A man makes a point to a group of employees during a training session.

The Employee Empowered Excellence (EEE) initiative provides training programs to help employees hone skills, learn new skills, and foster operational excellence. In addition to Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training, since the beginning of the year EEE has beginning workshops on a variety of topics designed to develop essential workplace and project management skills.

Topics were selected based on employee responses to a survey. With over 200 responses, the strategy team got to work planning. The top responses were:

  • advanced Microsoft Excel
  • data visualization and storytelling
  • intermediate Microsoft Excel
  • beginner Qualtrics

Since the largest number of respondents requested Excel training, the team started there.

Three Excel workshops have been offered to date and many of you showed up! The basic Excel skills workshop welcomed 38 employees and the intermediate Excel skills workshop offered training for 91 employees.

“In our beginner and immediate Excel classes, we are helping people understand the foundation capabilities that Excel offers, not necessarily teaching them every aspect of those capabilities,” says Jordan Cinderich, process engineer in the Office of the President and LSS instructor. “The goal of each workshop is to help everyone learn a skill that they didn’t already know.”

What does the future look like for Employee Empowered Excellence?

Cinderich says, “The strategy team’s long-term goal for EEE is to understand what essential skillsets are beneficial and build a community that can support each other. We want staff and faculty reaching out to each other for support and resources to create a more sustainable culture at NEOMED.”

Upcoming workshops include basic Qualtrics skills, advanced Excel skills, intermediate Qualtrics skills, project management essentials, data visualization and storytelling, and process mapping. The advanced Excel workshop already has 90 employees registered!

To register for an upcoming workshop, visit the EEE website.


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