Snow, Snow Everywhere: How to Stay Safe in the Storm

Today’s snowstorm is predicted to last for hours to come. Your safety comes first! Pay attention to National Weather Service updates and follow the advice. If you don’t have to drive, stay off the roads.

Here are a few reminders, along with links below with more detailed advice.

  • Charge your cellphone and external cell batteries
  • Fill your vehicle with gas (always keeping the tank half full, in case of unexpected delays)
  • Put both individual bottles of water and a gallon jug in your vehicle (the large container won’t freeze as fast)
  • Stock your vehicle with blankets, warm clothes and boots
  • At home and in your car, be ready with food or snacks that don’t require cooking (for both you and your animals) in case the power goes out for an extended time. Keep a can opener nearby if you’re going to need it.
  • Assemble a first aid kit
  • Have a shovel handy (in your car as well as at home)
  • At home, be careful using space heaters and candles, which are fire risks

More detailed advice:


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