Sourcing Stories For and From The NEOMED Community Within

Welcome to The Pulse: Newsbeats for NEOMED. This robust internal communications channel is a weekly newsletter emailed with a web-based platform to serve all internal audiences – students, faculty and staff. As a permission-based email, The Pulse replaces DOCS email as an internal communications channel and includes The Pulse website - - an internal website information bank to house events, stories, etc., regularly introduced by students, faculty and staff, from this point forward.

Though designed to be an internal communications tool, The Pulse is open to the public for email sign-ups and access to its website - The weekly emailed newsletter may ultimately move to a daily email and the website will be continuously updated with information submitted by you, the internal NEOMED community.

Note that the Intranet version of DOCS – Digital Office Communications Services - remains the same as a password protected portal to access information and systems such as Banner, Aims, Success Center and so on.

The Pulse, which requires no password, is meant to inform, engage and promote relevant happenings to the NEOMED internal community.

The Pulse also provides several advantages over the previously used DOCS email, as it:

  • Reduces the number of mass internal emails you receive.
  • Gives you control via a permission-based email that allows you to,
    • receive a weekly (and ultimately daily) digest of all such emails instead of multiple, or
    • receive no email of this kind, and instead access the postings directly via website at your convenience.
  • Provides separation of “promotional” from “official” communications that provide important messages from the president’s office or others that are University, legal, safety, employee, faculty or student relations, policy or technological in nature.
  • Allows such “official” email communication to come directly from owner/moderators of mass email, listservs/distribution groups such as the President's Office, Human Resources, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs, Information Technology, Faculty Relations, and Alumni Affairs. (Owner/moderators of distribution groups will be further discussed and solidified as systems are implemented in the coming months.)

Explore and enjoy The Pulse as there are several methods for you to contribute, provide content and share your thoughts. And don’t forget to visit regularly as it will be constantly populated with new content by students, staff and faculty.

Questions? Check out the editorial guide.

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