Spread the Word: Write for The Pulse

The Pulse is for you!

We encourage everyone in the NEOMED community to submit articles to The Pulse as a way to spread the word about news related to the University; tell people about an upcoming event; or engage the community in a discussion. 

With the streamlined Pulse 2.0 introduced in July, you only need to choose from three categories: News & Articles; Events; or Discussions.


Go to The Pulse, then click one of the three categories shown in blue type at the top of the screen. Let’s say you chose News & Articles: Here’s the short form you’ll fill in with your content.

You must then select a topic. 


As of The Pulse’s update to Pulse 2.0 in July, you can now choose an “Audience” and a “Group,” which allow others to see these filtered stories on their personalized homepages. 

Keep in mind that because these filters are new, it will take some time before stories start to populate in the various categories. 

You can submit a photo or pdf, too, following the prompts.

We hope the improvements work well for you. Feedback and questions are welcome; write to marcom@neomed.edu.

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