Strategic Funding Initiative Recipients

Earlier this year, in support of the advancement of NEOMED’s mission, leadership committed $1 million to fund initiatives within the NEOMED Strategic Plan: Creating Transformational Leaders. To date $340,173 has been awarded.

Here are a few of the initiatives that were funded in the first and second rounds:

Exceptional Student Experience

Focus area: Exceptional Experience

Pillars: People and Education

Led by Sandra Emerick, Ed.D., Senior Executive Director of Academic Affairs and Student Services, and Sebastian Diaz, Ph.D., J.D., Associate Dean of Quality Initiatives, the Exceptional Student Experience working group will conduct a deep dive into the voice of the customer (VOC), comparing NEOMED’s standards of excellence with students’ critical to quality drivers. The early work done by the Exceptional Student Experience working group will engage stakeholders across the NEOMED community for insights and improvements.

NEOMED Writing Center

Focus area(s): Exceptional Experience; Leadership; People

Pillars: People; Education; Discovery

Submitted by Julie Aultman, Ph.D., Joseph Zarconi, M.D., Craig Theissen, M.Ed., and Philip Jenkinson, M.Ed., the NEOMED Writing Center will provide writing resources to aid in the academic success of all pharmacy, medical and graduate students. As a University facing initiative, students and faculty will receive one-on-one assistance throughout the writing process for classroom assignments, thesis or dissertations, scientific reports, grants, multi-modal documents and other scholarly writing activities.

Journal of Medical Sciences at NEOMED

Focus area(s): Exceptional Experience and Leadership

Pillars: People and Growth

Created by Trinity Samson, rising M3, and Fayez Safadi, Ph.D., the Journal of Medical Sciences at NEOMED will be an interprofessional platform for students and faculty to publish original research, opinion pieces, editorials, reviews and other works. The journal allows for the fostering of ideas of University students, consortium hospital trainees, faculty members and affiliates. With a fully structured review process in place and feedback given on each submission, prospective authors are provided with the opportunity to refine their writing and scientific research abilities.  

Applications are now being accepted for Strategic Initiative Funds and requests are reviewed monthly. Please contact Samantha Bliss, manager of strategic initiatives, at with any questions regarding the Strategic Initiative Funding application or to be connected with a pillar lead.

Submitted by Samantha Bliss, manager of strategic initiatives

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