Strategic Initiative Funding Update

Earlier this year, in support of the advancement of NEOMED’s mission, leadership committed $500,000 to fund initiatives within the NEOMED Strategic Plan: Creating Transformational Leaders.

To date $159,833 has been awarded! Read below to learn about a few of the initiatives that were funded in this first and second rounds:

Student Government Affairs Advisory Council

Focus Area: Exceptional Experience

Pillars: People; Education; Growth

Submitted by Janet Coon, Associate Director, Government and External Affairs, the Student Government Affairs Advisory Council engages students in government advocacy and educates on the budget process, advocacy best practices and student development outside of the curriculum. This funded proposal will support impactful experiences for members of the council fostering further learning and leadership.

Cloud-based Contract Management System

Focus Area(s): People

Pillars: AASO

The Cloud-based Contract Management System proposal, submitted by Amy Furey-Ligan, Associate General Counsel, and Lisa Noland, Administrative Specialist, seeks to support a more efficient process for reviewing, executing, and storing all contracts entered into by the University. A contract management system will help ensure that a standard, automated process will be used to support the University's legal, financial, and purchasing requirements.

Peer Recognition Program

Focus Area(s): Exceptional Experience

Pillars: People

Developed in collaboration with faculty, staff, and Human Resources at NEOMED, the Peer Recognition Program proposal, submitted by Natalie Bonfine, Ph.D., associate professor, seeks to build a culture of appreciation among NEOMED employees. Through a warm welcome to faculty and staff, spotlighting and celebrating the people of NEOMED, and building social connections, this action plan will produce opportunities to celebrate our faculty and staff and will provide support for interpersonal connection among employees.

Applications are now being accepted for Strategic Initiative Funds. The next cycle closes on January 11, 2023. Please contact Samantha Bliss, manager of strategic initiatives, at with any questions regarding the Strategic Initiative Funding application or to be connected with a pillar lead.

-- Submitted by Clayton O'Neal,

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