Student Leaders Named to NEOMED Posts

Congratulations to the student leaders recently named to NEOMED Student Council (NSC), Student Conduct Council and Student Curriculum Councils. 

As you go about your work, remember that The Pulse is here to help you — just as it can help the leaders of NEOMED’s 80-some student organizations!

We encourage everyone in the NEOMED community to submit articles to The Pulse as a way to spread the word about news related to the University; tell people about an upcoming event; or engage the community in a discussion. 

NEOMED Student Council (NSC)

  • P1 Patrick Moldovan 
  • P1 Salem Mattar
  • M1 Anthony Salama 
  • M1 Ali Shah
  • M3 Matthew Nied 

Student Conduct Council

  • P1 Madeline Yuzwa 
  • P1 Sophia Bruno 
  • M1 Sanjay Vallabhaneni 
  • M1 Thomas Sonnanstine 

Student Curriculum Councils 

  • P1 Sophia Santos 
  • P1 Lauren Scott
  • M1 Hannah McKillen
  • M1 Kevin Tran 

How to submit content to The Pulse

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