Students in the Latino Medical Student Association Attend Annual Conference

Ten students from NEOMED’s College of Medicine and Latino Medical Students Association (LMSA) attended the 33rd Annual LMSA Midwest Conference, Sin Fronteras: Celebrating Latinx Excellence & Pioneering Tomorrow’s Leaders in Medicine, that was held Feb. 10-12 at Michigan State University.

The conference is geared towards empowering attendees to excel as trainees and health care professionals for the betterment of their patients and communities. This event enables students to engage with renowned speakers and experts in medicine, as well as medical school peers across 12 states. The conference featured a research symposium, breakout sessions, oral and poster presentations, a residency tabling fair and physician panels.

All 10 NEOMED students delivered poster presentations at the conference.

NEOMED Posters Presented During the Conference

“Intra-articular Injection and Hydrodilatation: Treating Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder”
Authors: Emily Arellano (M1) and Sofia Mesa (M2)

“Lyophilized Plasma and Fresh Frozen Plasma: Treatment of Post-Traumatic Coagulopathy”
Authors: Luis Pozo (M1), Francisco Reyes (M1) and Jürgen Daye Trujillo (M2)

“Natural vs. Pharmacologic Treatments of Alzheimer’s Disease”
Authors: Brenda Vega (M2) and Ricardo Velez-Hernandez (M1)

“Phenytoin and Phenobarbitone: Treatment of a Neonatal Seizure”
Authors: Lauren Falcon (M1) and Gisseth Mora Scarpetta (M2)

“The Association of Vaping and E-Cigarette Use with Postoperative Hypoxemia and Respiratory Complications: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis”
Author: Melanie Fernandez (M2)

“ZCCHC6 Deletion Downregulates COX-2 Expression in Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes and in a Mouse Model of Osteoarthritis”
Author: Sofia Mesa (M2)

Student Reflections

Sofia Mesa (M2): What I learned from attending the conference is that there is so many inspiring Hispanic physicians out there. We only make up about 6% of practicing physicians in the US but you really would not have been able to tell it was that little at the conference. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and how encouraging, empowering and motivating the experience was.

Gisseth Mora Scarpetta (M2): As a Latina in medical school, it is very easy to feel like I was alone, and it can also be hard to relate at times with my classmates. I think this conference was an eye-opening experience where I could connect with other Latinx medical students that have similar culture and life experiences as me. I connected with Latinx doctors who have experienced obstacles throughout their journey and shared their advice. I built connections with students all over the Midwest, and I know that if I ever need help or support, I can reach out to them.

Luis Pozo (M1): What I enjoyed the most was the extreme sense of community I felt immediately. Moving from NYC to Rootstown was the biggest culture shock I’ve experienced thus far, and it was really impactful for me to attend a conference filled with people who come from all walks of life but can relate through shared culture and aspirations. Being represented in that manner eliminates any sliver of doubt remaining that I may not be cut out for this profession.

Brenda Vega (M2): What I enjoyed the most was seeing all Latinos/as, medical students and faculty, come together and try to solve issues that affect our communities. It was very empowering to see faces that resemble mine in top positions and as acting as advocates, as this is something that is not commonly seen especially in the Midwest.

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