Refresher on our survey administration policy

In the early days of electronic surveys on the NEOMED campus, it was left to individual offices to purchase their own survey platforms and to decide when surveys got distributed.

Students complained about being over-surveyed, so NEOMED leadership moved to make the survey environment more manageable. They asked that a survey administration policy be created, one that laid out guidelines on their use. They also approved the purchase of an institutional site license for the survey platform Qualtrics. Offices using alternative platforms were asked to discontinue their contracts with those companies.

Today most members of the NEOMED community know about Qualtrics. However, because many are unaware that a survey administration policy exists, now is a good time to reintroduce it.

The survey administration policy has three takeaway points. First, the policy addresses only those surveys that are sent to NEOMED students. Surveys of faculty or staff are outside the scope of this policy.

Second, these student-oriented surveys must be administered in Qualtrics. This will stop problems that arise when people use different platforms, which makes monitoring survey traffic on campus next to impossible.

Third, surveys that target students must be registered in the Survey Registration Form. Note: Some survey types are exempt from this. The policy will provide details on this point.

Please read the policy to get all the information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bob Larson in Institutional Research.

If you need a Qualtrics account, you can get one by submitting a ticket using the IR Service Request Form. Your submission will be routed to the person in your college/department responsible for building the accounts.

Thank you for your consideration.

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- submitted by Robert Larson, M.A., director, Institutional Research and Assessment

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