TEDxNEOMED to Returns in 2023

Following the success of the inaugural TEDxNEOMED event last October, co-organizers Nupur Goel (M4) and Mark D’Agosta (M3) are ready to build the next event for Fall 2023. We invite you to join us as we work toward crafting a new legacy here at NEOMED.

TEDx events feature live TED-like talks and performances specific to a local community. Local communities can range from large academic institutions to a single neighborhood. While a TEDx event is in partnership with TED, the event is completely planned and orchestrated by local communities.

The Team

TEDxNEOMED seeks a team of people who want to contribute real value and build something worth sharing. Being involved in a project like this gives more than just a line on a CV; it gives real stories of success and enduring evidence of the efforts put forth.

Apply here.

The Speakers

We are searching for a burning concept, thought, insight, passion or project within the context of our theme: The Art of Medicine. These talks are not conferences or poster presentations. They are powerful ideas carefully crafted under the guidance of curators and coaches, and then shared internationally through the TEDx platform.

Once chosen, speakers will work with our curators to research, develop and perfect their talks.

We invite you to watch our talks from last year and to check out the speaker guide.

We are looking for inspired ideas around our theme “The Art of Medicine”

Apply to speak.

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