Record-Breaking Number of Donors Participate in Fourth Annual Giving Day

How do you define more?

Like fireworks—bigger and louder?

Or steadily building like a wave, catching on with a broader base that you know will keep on spreading?

More of you than ever came together to support NEOMED’s Huntington Quadruple Challenge on Giving Day, June 7. Spreading the word on social media and wearing your Blue Fund T-shirts, you created a wave of giving to support students at our University. Together, 184 donors gave a total of $127,499.

So, if you think a small gift doesn’t make a difference, think again! More gifts than ever made Giving Day a success.

Cheers to you, and a huge thank you to Huntington, which for the third year in a row supported NEOMED by pledging to match every unrestricted dollar of the first $35,000 we raised—one person at a time, with more people than ever rising to the challenge. Huntington’s matching gift of $35,000 was a giant boost to our Blue Fund campaign, which is part of the larger Shine On campaign to raise $40 million to advance students, research and innovation, and community health.

It will take all of us, together, to meet that $40 million goal. But we’ve got the power of more behind us. On June 7, the growing numbers of you, our loyal supporters—individual and corporate alike—showed us that we can get there.

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