The Pulse Editorial Guide

What is The Pulse?
The Pulse website and newsletter strives to be the official internal communications source for Northeast Ohio Medical University. The website is updated daily with university related news and events and the newsletter is distributed daily or weekly (based upon your subscription), bringing the most up-to-date information straight to your inbox.

What is it not?
The Pulse is not meant to replace the NEOMED intranet, nor act as the “primary” method of communications for critical, personal, presidential or employment information. Confidential or need-to-know communications should be handled as outlined in the NEOMED Internal Communications Guide (coming soon).

Who is it for?
Primarily, The Pulse was created for the NEOMED internal community and is meant to provide an easy-to-use, accessible channel focused on information for and about the people, events, initiatives, opportunities and resources relevant to NEOMED students, faculty (including clinical) and staff.

However, as a public-facing website and permission-based newsletter, The Pulse is open and available to anyone interested in what is happening at NEOMED. In fact, we recommend you share the link to sign up with alumni, donors, parents, partners, community members and other influencers.

Have something to share on The Pulse website?
Great! Based upon the type of content, it will fall under one of four categories:

150 words or more with content ideas or information for a story that Marketing and Communications may write or one that you have written, featuring students, faculty or staff; University programs or initiatives; or relevant events in the community. Submit an article.

A topic for which would you like to engage the campus community in discussion or discourse. Submit a discussion.

An opportunity with a specific place/date/time that is relevant to members of the NEOMED community. Note: Events are listed in order of posting date, not in order of occurrence. Submit an event.

News Briefs
Less than 150 words of content ideas or information for a story that Marketing and Communications may write or one that you have written featuring students, faculty or staff; University programs or initiatives; or relevant events in the community. Submit a news brief. 

What is the main topic/subject matter of your content?
Topic/subject matter may be changed or assigned to more than one topic at the discretion of the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Professional recognition or awards given to faculty, staff or students.

Non-personnel announcements such as event cancellations, registrations and other deadline-based information.

Items highlighting internal appointments of faculty, staff and students; can be related to professional work, leadership positions, associations or external organizations.

Awards & Grant Funding
Funding awarded for research or programs.

Diversity & Inclusion
Items which support a multicultural campus community.

Health & Wellness                                                                                                
Items which support health and wellness for the campus community.

In the News
Links to the most recent media mentions of NEOMED and its faculty, staff and students, as well as NEOMED press releases.

Newsletters on Campus
Links to newsletters produced by departments, programs and colleges across campus.

Professional Development
Free or paid lectures, single or multi-day courses, classes for continuing education or professional development.

Publications & Presentations
Items highlighting faculty, staff and students being published or receiving editing/writing credit for papers, books, journals, magazines or other publications; as well those providing presentations at conferences or major events.

Research & Innovation
Items highlighting faculty and student research and innovation on the NEOMED campus.

This is NEOMED
Items that encourage others to get to know the people, places and things that make up NEOMED and its community.

Who is your content for?

Faculty & Staff
Events and general news related to NEOMED Rootstown-based faculty, clinical faculty, staff and researchers.

Events and general news related to NEOMED students.

All of Campus
Events and general news that has a large university appeal.

What are Featured items?
There are four featured items within each main landing page of The Pulse; the main landing page, the Students landing page, and the Faculty & Staff landing page.

The main feature and corresponding graphic on each landing page is determined by the Office of Marketing and Communications. The three smaller features on each page are also determined by the Office of Marketing and Communications. These features will be updated on a weekly basis at minimum.

General Guidelines

  • All content must be related to or affiliated with faculty, staff or student information or events.
  • Content must be timely.
  • Submissions for discussions, events and news briefs must be made at least two business days in advance of requested posting date.
  • Submissions for articles must be made at least five business days prior to requested posting date. More notice may be required if article is an idea for the Office of Marketing and Communications to cover.
  • Submissions by students may only be made by student leaders or representatives of student organizations.
  • Published work and presentations by faculty, staff and students are the views of the individuals and do not represent the views of the University.
  • Comments posted by individuals or any third party do not reflect the views of or any endorsement by The Pulse or NEOMED. We welcome relevant and respectful comments that engage others in further discussion of topics. Comments are reviewed prior to publication. The Pulse reserves the right to moderate or remove any comments that may be deemed obscene or offensive, including personal attacks or comments that are threatening, racist or sexist. The Pulse may also discontinue a single discussion or the entire forum platform if respectful discourse is not being conducted.

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