Tom Vo, M.D., M.B.A, is next VITALS speaker

Tom Vo, M.D. (’96), M.B.A., CEO and chairman of the board at Nutex Health, joins the next VITALS program at noon Thursday, Oct. 6, via Zoom.

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Nutex Health is a technology-enabled health management company, which implements and operates innovative health care models, including micro-hospitals, specialty hospitals and hospital outpatient departments. The publicly traded company also owns and operates provider networks such as independent physician associations.

Dr. Vo has more than 25 years of expertise in the business of medicine. He is residency trained in emergency medicine and has worked in busy hospitals and emergency centers throughout Texas. Additionally, he has been instrumental in the start-up and management of over 30 specialty hospitals and emergency centers throughout the U.S. He is recognized by his contemporaries as one of the pioneers and leaders in the field. In 2020, Dr. Vo received the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of The Year® award, where he went on to become the National Finalist.

The monthly VITALS speaker series features a diverse range of innovative leaders in the medical sector. Each speaker has 17 minutes ― the same length of time of the average physician-patient visit — to offer disruptive solutions to health care’s biggest problems. Approaches may cover any of the six components of VITALS: Value-based, Innovation, Technology, Advocacy, Leadership and Service.

Following his presentation, Dr. Vo will engage in discourse with attendees for the remainder of the hour, guided by moderator Monica Robins, senior medical reporter at WKYC.

Register for the Oct. 6 VITALS program with Dr. Vo and watch previous programs at

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