Unsung Heroes: Jeanne Hoban

Jeanne Hoban (integrated marketing strategist) and Bob Kropff (senior digital marketing strategist) have been extremely helpful to our team over the last few months. I want to send a shout-out to them for helping us with our multiple requests in a very short amount of time.

I have been engaged in a few NEOMED and NEOvations projects as well as a student-led national campaign, Script Your Future (SYF), which required marketing needs with strict timelines. Both Jeanne and Bob helped us with the eight-week campaign involving SYF needs, not only for building a website from scratch but also for daily and weekly updates with social media marketing, statistics and reporting. (We are hoping we go to nationals and that our team WINS the final trophy!)

Additionally, as we are starting a new pharmacy residency program, I reached out to Bob with a request to include information on our residency program on the NEOMED residency webpage. On short notice, Bob said he would get the residency information up on the webpage by the time the Residency Expo event took place. This was truly exceptional.

Not enough credit goes to those individuals who help us build our name, brand and credibility in the community (many times at the state and national level). I just wanted to thank them, their team and Rod Ingram (vice president for communications and Chief Marketing Officer) for setting up a great team for our shared success.

--Submitted by Kunal Amin, vice president of pharmacy operations, NEOvationsRx,  assistant professor of pharmacy practice and assistant director of experiential education

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