Unsung Heroes: NEOMED’s Counseling Team

Today is Teal Day, which the American Counseling Association designated “to build support, recognition and appreciation for professional counselors.”

I’d like to give a shout-out to my team (photo, left to right, with Jennifer Dougall, Ph.D., director at the far right): Stephanie Orwick, M.A., assistant director; Tiffany Thomas Lakia, M.D., psychiatrist; Jessica Lansinger, M.A., clinical counselor; and Marina Charlson, B.A., program coordinator. This team always works hard to provide services to our students, and it went all out during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Our team was one of only a few departments working in-person on-campus prior to the general return to campus. NEOMED was also one of the few campus counseling centers regionally that was able to swiftly and efficiently transition care to telecounseling services after lockdown. And we did it in a week!

Nationally, mental health concerns for students in higher education were rising steadily even before the pandemic. Coupled with the events around COVID-19, the mental health demands of students have escalated significantly. And the work of tending to these concerns can come with a price – what writers for an article in Counseling Today (March 8, 2022) called pandemic fatigue for counselors.  

Through it all, my team has stepped up to the challenge. It has worked hard to provide for the safety and care of our students, and I commend it for the outstanding job it has done. This team has the heart of healers and warriors all rolled into one!

--Submitted by Jennifer Dougall, Ph.D., director, Center for Student Wellness & Counseling Services 

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More resources:

  • Urgent Crisis Line: 330.325.6757 (follow phone prompts) 
  • IMPACT Student Life Assistance Program: 866.780.0855
  • National Suicide Hotline: 1.800.273.8255
  • Crisis Text Line: 741-741

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