Wilderness Club Chapter Takes Root on Campus

If you attended the recent welcome-back carnival, you know that NEOMED’s 80-plus student organizations cover a LOT of territory, from medical and pharmacy specialties to groups formed to support diversity and inclusion or provide community services – and much more. 

And each year, new organizations spring up, with the backing of Student Services and faculty advisors. 

The Wilderness Medicine Society is one such group. Wild Med — the name of the new NEOMED chapter of a national society – was started by Niki Price (not pictured), a second-year medical student with a love for the outdoors who hopes to help guide others at NEOMED to explore the field of wilderness medicine; and Chris Roscoe, a second-year medicine student with military experience who hopes one day to practice emergency rescue medicine in the field.

When asked what drew him to wilderness medicine, Chris said, “A Navy corpsman saves 98% of the Marines they put hands on. That is an unmatched and incredible statistic showing the impact of austere environment medicine and its traumatic application.”

Lizzy Slabinski, the social media chair and public affairs officer, is a second-year College of Medicine student who grew up hiking and camping with her family and discovered wilderness medicine through a first responder program out in Colorado. At the student organizations fair, she and Chris spoke with Justine Drockton – a first-year medicine student fresh from the Navy who is also interested in emergency medicine – about their ideas for the group this year.

The students who started Wild Med hope to share their passion for medicine and the outdoors with the NEOMED and Rootstown communities through a variety of programs and events this year.

For more information on the Wilderness Medicine Society (Wild Med), contact Niki Price at nprice@neomed.edu, follow their Instagram page @neomedwms, or join Wilderness Medicine NEOMED Chapter on Campus Groups!

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