Clean Sweep Event Oct. 30

As Information Security & Training Compliance Manager, I am providing information about an important “Clean Sweep” taking place Wednesday, Oct. 30, as the latest update regarding Records Management at NEOMED.

If you missed the first update, you can catch up on what we have been working on by checking out the previous Records Management Pulse article.

To supplement University Information Security efforts as a part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), we are happy to announce that we are sponsoring a “Clean Sweep” event from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30! Please see below for more information on this effort:

What is “Clean Sweep”?

“Clean Sweep” is a University-wide effort to encourage the use of the NEOMED Records Retention Schedule and enable University faculty and staff to review and appropriately dispose of records. To support paper-based record destruction, we are distributing secure document disposal containers across the University for use during this effort.

Why are we doing “Clean Sweep”?

Records management can be an overwhelming endeavor when not incorporated into our daily activities. In some cases, lack of attention given to managing records can result in cluttered desks, file cabinets at capacity, and an ever-increasing computer drive of files. Often, documents or items we retain are of short-term value or are no longer needed because they have been incorporated into or replaced by something else (i.e. multiple draft copies of a document). By routinely and appropriately managing records, we can more effectively allocate our efforts on other tasks and be able to more efficiently find information when it is needed. By organizing a “Clean Sweep” day around the review and disposal of records, this allows each of us to better understand the documents, items, etc. that we do have and to focus our time on whether or not we need to retain those documents, items, etc.

When does “Clean Sweep” take place?

The Office of the President has designated two hours, 9 a.m.-11 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 30, for this activity. Everyone is encouraged to avoid scheduling meetings during this period, if possible, so that all can participate in this important activity. Note: Disposal bins will be available all day on Oct. 30.

Where does “Clean Sweep” take place?

Across the University (specific locations of disposal containers will be distributed soon).

Who is involved?

All NEOMED faculty and staff are encouraged to participate. University staff will be available on this day to assist with the completion of Record Certificates for disposal as well as to help with any records-related questions.

How can I participate?

Based upon your availability on Oct. 30, as a NEOMED faculty or staff member, you can review the documents, items, devices, etc. you have retained and compare those against the Records Series found within the NEOMED Records Retention Schedule. In doing so, you may find that there are records you have retained that have passed their minimum retention period. If so, you can follow the appropriate disposition process, found on the University’s Records Management web page. For destruction-based disposal, you can utilize the secure document disposal containers that are available across the University.

How can I prepare for “Clean Sweep”?

If time permits, you can review the NEOMED Records Retention Schedule and associated policies and procedures prior to “Clean Sweep.” The information can be found on the University’s Records Management web page.

Additionally, we are holding monthly training sessions on Records Management throughout the remainder of 2019. Training sessions are being held on Oct. 22 and 28, both prior to “Clean Sweep.” If you are interested and would like to register for one of these training sessions, please see the brief registration form.

While this “Clean Sweep” does not accommodate the disposal of non-paper-based items or devices (i.e. hard drives, optical discs, microfiche, etc.), if there are those who have a need to destroy such items or devices, please contact

In the lead up to the “Clean Sweep” on Oct. 30, more information will be provided, including the locations of the secure disposal receptacles, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, I encourage you to review the University’s Records Management web page, which includes the updated Records Retention Schedule, our Records Management policy, how to determine if something is a record and frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions regarding “Clean Sweep” or anything regarding Records Management, please contact

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you out and about during “Clean Sweep”!

—Submitted by Jonathan Wagner

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