Committee for Student Clinical Research Prepares for the Second Annual Student Research Symposium

Raman Bhambra (M2), co-president of the Committee for Student Clinical Research, has spent many hours with co-president Divya Melachuri (M4) to prepare for the Student Research Symposium, set for 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., Friday, November 19.

Bhambra recently took a break to sit down with The Pulse, discussing the event and how the Committee is working to create transformational leaders.

What is the main objective of the Committee for Student Clinical Research?

The Committee exists to promote student research and innovation in a few different ways. We do our best to connect students with research and networking opportunities, along with providing students the opportunity to share their research and develop mentorship positions. We work alongside the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to plan events such as the NEOMED Student Research Symposium – coming up on Friday, after months of planning! 

How is this committee helping student researchers?

As specialties become increasingly competitive, clinical research is a way to show commitment and perseverance as well as an avenue to meet invaluable mentors in different areas of expertise. It is a great way to form connections with highly regarded medical centers and prospective residencies. If a student needs help finding a research project or getting connected with certain faculty, our experienced research chairs can help them make these connections.

Who are the members of the Committee?

  • Co-Presidents: Raman Bhambra, M2, and Divya Melachuri, M4
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Andrew Alejo, M2, and Vindya Perera, P2
  • Treasurer:  Nino Kovaljesko, M2
  • Secretary: Taylor Yamamoto, M2
  • Advisor: Steven Schmidt, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies  

What has the Committee been doing to prepare for the Student Research Symposium Nov. 19?

A lot! About two months ago, we started the process by meeting regularly with the Research Symposium Steering Committee to plan the details of the symposium. Our main role was first to ensure that we had participation from students, and then to keep them on track with deadlines. We have sent out emails gathering abstracts, edited the abstracts, and made sure that students completed their presentations. And we have answered a lot of questions.

Finally, we have compiled a complete abstract booklet with all 135 abstracts this year, along with making a final program for the symposium to share with everyone!

How can students get involved with the Committee?

Students can get involved by filling positions to become research chairs. People in those positions are responsible for assisting and advising any other student interested in conducting research in specific fields. They might provide contacts and advice about manuscript writing, conferences to apply to, or journals to submit to – and any other help that student researchers need. We encourage all students to engage with this club and become involved in our leadership opportunities as well as our events.


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