Effective Storytelling - For Fundraising and Beyond, Sept. 5

Faculty and staff are invited to join the Division of Advancement for a storytelling seminar led by Marc A. Pitman. Mr. Pitmas is co-founder of the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, an international leadership coach and fundraising trainer, and principal of The Concord Leadership Group and of FundraisingCoach.com.

Why Storytelling Matters

“Most organizations haven’t figured out how to tell a clear and succinct story about why they exists, what they hope to accomplish, and why people should care. Their marketing efforts often convey a lot of facts – about the founder’s motivations, the number of children they’ve impacted, the tons of food they’ve served to the hungry, etc. But they aren’t telling a story. They aren’t making the emotional connection that’s necessary to get their audiences moving from awareness to engagement and involvement.

And if your nonprofit fails to get its audiences emotionally engaged, it’s not likely to have much long-term success. It might get by for a while, but sooner or later some other nonprofit in your space will come around with a real story to tell – a story that’s capable of better attracting volunteers, donors and supporters – and the importance of your organization will be minimized.

The good news… Any organization that’s willing to invest internal time and collaborative thinking can improve how it talks about itself, and can start connecting with its key constituencies on a more emotional level through storytelling.” — from www.lipmanhearne.com

WHEN: September 5 from 8:30-11 a.m.
WHERE: Cook Alumni Hall

Space is limited – RSVP today!

-Submitted by Juleah Parker

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