Faculty and Staff are invited to view IAMSE Spring 2022 Webinar series

NEOMED Office of Faculty Enrichment and Engagement is pleased to offer all NEOMED faculty and staff access to the International Association of Medical Science Educators Spring 2022 webinar series "To Infinity and Beyond: Expanding the Scope of Basic Sciences In Meeting Accreditation Standards."

According to IAMSE: Continuing with our exploration of how basic science education can be leveraged for student success, this sequel to our winter series will expand on the traditional roles of basic sciences and venture into unexplored areas.

What is the role of basic science education in (1) interprofessional training, (2) social sciences curricula, (3) service-learning, (4) pre-clerkship integration, (5) and self-directed learning? These domains are cornerstones of medical education and closely align with accreditation elements for the LCME, COCA, and other accreditation bodies within the health professions. To familiarize basic science educators with these five domains of medical education, leading experts will present on each during this five-part webinar series.

The speakers will provide the audience with an overview and discuss current topics and issues relevant to each domain as well as outline opportunities for basic science educators to become involved. This series will build a framework through which basic scientists can leverage their content to meet a variety of accreditation standards. At the end of the series, the audience will be better prepared to contribute and advance these domains so crucial to the formation of successful clinicians.

Faculty and staff have two options to engage with the webinars:

  1. Individuals may register directly with IAMSE under our institutional registration to receive remote viewing permission/links.
  2. Join with other NEOMED colleagues to view and discuss the webinars as a group! Please see flyer for specific dates/times/locations. Register for Outlook invitations to the sessions.

Outlook invitations will be provided to individual sessions and will include directions to register for remote viewing. Questions may be directed to the Office of Faculty Enrichment and Engagement at facultyengagement@neomed.edu.

See this flyer for specifics.

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