Free COVID-19 Testing for all Members of the NEOMED Community, Nov. 17

To all NEOMED Students, Faculty and Staff:

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, we are offering free COVID-19 testing to all members of the NEOMED community as a "know before you go" testing opportunity prior to the Thanksgiving holiday break.

Testing will be available from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please pre-register for testing and follow the guidance below:

Additional Guidance

  • Under "Insurance Type," click on "client bill."
  • Under "Provider Information," use Joseph Zarconi, NPI number: 1609878537.
  • Under "Virus Detection," leave blank if not already checked.
  • Under "Virus Antibody," leave blank if not already checked.
  • Under "DX (Diagnosis) Code(s)," check either Z03:818 or Z20:828 (Even though these don't strictly apply, one is required to be checked.)

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this pre-holiday testing opportunity!

-Submitted by the Office of the President

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