Post-break COVID-19 Testing Opportunity, Jan. 5

To all NEOMED Students, Faculty and Staff:

On Tuesday, Jan. 5, we are offering free COVID-19 testing to all members of the NEOMED community as a "welcome back" testing opportunity that continues our campus safety measures and serves as a reminder of the policies that we have in place.

Testing will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Bitonte Atrium outside of Great Hall.  No appointment is necessary, and you will not need to quarantine after being tested (only symptomatic individuals need to quarantine after being tested).

Please pre-register for testing and following the and guidance below:

Additional Guidance

  • The account number and account name will be pre-populated on the form and should not be modified.
  • Complete all fields that have a red asterisk (*).
  • Your social security number is not required.
  • The insurance type selected will be pre-chosen as “Client Bill (free test)” and should not be modified.
    • “Provider Information” is already pre-selected and should not be modified. (It will say “Joseph Zarconi.”)
    • “Virus Detection” 720100 - SARS-CoV-2 will be pre-selected and should not be modified.
    • “Virus Antibody” will have nothing selected and should not be modified.
      • DX Code” should have Z03.818 selected.
      • The “Sample Collection Date” for the event is 01/05. Please select this date.
      • The “Custom State Required Questions” need to be answered.
      • Once you have completed the form, select “Create E-REQ” at the bottom. This will assign you an MX number that will be utilized at the event. This will also be emailed to the email provided.
      • You must bring the MX number to the event.

Results will be available in approximately 3-4 days, and you will be able to access these online through Mako Medical. See the attachment titled “Mako Results Card” for ways to get your results.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this post-holiday testing opportunity!

I hope that you continue to enjoy your holiday break and wish you and your family a happy New Year!


John T. Langell


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