Poverty Simulation, July 14

Students and staff are welcome!

This event, conducted by our partners at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, is a unique, interactive experience that helps us begin to understand what life is like with a shortage of money and an abundance of stress. It moves people to think about the harsh realities of poverty and encourages people to make a difference.

WHEN: Friday, July 14 from 1-4 p.m.

WHERE: East Dining Room on MetroHealth's main campus

In the simulation, participants assume the roles of up to 26 different families facing a variety of challenging, but typical circumstances; each family is given a card explaining its unique situation, as well as a small amount of “money.” Then, the families must secure food, shelter, and other basic necessities by accessing the various resources during the course of four, 15-minute “weeks.” Volunteers play the roles of resource providers, such as social workers, loan officers, employers, pawnbrokers, grocers, utility collectors, police officers, and teachers.

Why poverty matters
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one in three Clevelanders are living in poverty (approx. 130,000 in total). The rate is worse in children as nearly half of the city's youth are living in poverty. Overall, Cleveland's poverty rate of 34.7 percent is the 11th highest in the country among cities of at least 65,000 people. Poverty and health are inextricably linked. The effects of poverty can lead to poor health, and poor health can lead to and lessen the likelihood of overcoming poverty.

Questions? Contact Melinda Siciliano at msiciliano@metrohealth.org or 216.778.7876.

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