Research Forum Featuring Rebecca German, Ph.D., Nov. 27

The Research Forum is a series of quarterly information exchanges through which invited faculty will showcase their research and scholarship to help other faculty, students, and staff become more familiar with the work of their colleagues. It is also an opportunity for NEOMED’s research stakeholders to network with colleagues and build collaboration.

WHEN: Nov. 27 at 4 p.m.
WHERE: NEW Center Ballroom

Speaker: Rebecca German, Ph.D.

Rebecca German is a professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology and has degrees in mathematics,geology, and biology. She studies the potential interactions that exist between biomechanics and neurophysiology. Her ultimate research goals are to (1) enhance our knowledge of dysfunction (e.g. mammalian dysphagia) as the basis for developing rehabilitation strategies, particularly for nursing infants and (2) explicate the evolutionary basis of mammalian feeding functional morphology.

Download the flier below.

-Submitted by Nona Hose

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