Ticcing My Way Through Life: A Woman's Journey with Tourette Syndrome, March 22

Britney Wolf is a 32 year old woman who was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 7.

Despite the stigmas, misunderstandings and the ignorance, she chooses to see the positive side of what this disorder does to her and what it has brought into her life.

She has spent years spreading awareness and education about what Tourette Syndrome really is and how it isn’t what most movies and television portray it to be.

With videos, social media, and speaking engagements, Britney has been able to reach audiences all across the country while teaching them about a disorder that is often just used as a punch line in a film.

Britney will discuss some of her personal stories of living with Tourette Syndrome at noon, Tuesday, March 22, in Meshel Hall. She will share what it was like to be diagnosed at a young age, what the tics felt like when she first noticed them happening and how they have progressed over the years.

With vulnerability and a personal touch, she will be able to explain how to best deal with a patient who might have Tourette Syndrome and how having a doctor who believes them and how getting the diagnosis can make a huge difference in a patient’s life.

Reserve your seat.

Submitted by Molly O'Malley, momalley@neomed.edu.

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