12 Days of Positive Thinking

12 Days of Positive Thinking

Students: Sooooo…..what is it like studying for final exams in the middle of a pandemic and national unrest?? Having fun yet?.... Likely not…

While we really hoped you enjoyed our Destress Fest Bags this year as a COVID-alternative, our team really misses seeing you all as you navigate a tough part of the semester.

Therefore, in the spirit of the holiday season – we want to give you our very own tips that may help you with finding joy, making healthy choices, and being focused through a tough time…..so please join our team-inspired well wishes for our

12 Days of Positive Thinking….

On the First Day of Positive Thinking … Take control of your state-of-being: take pride in how you present yourself to others in a positive way (your physiology, verbal expression, and non-verbal expression). How you are in the inside effects the outside and vice versa.

On the Second Day of Positive Thinking…Adjust your mindset.

Don’t fixate on what you cannot do or what is not going right- instead find solutions to navigate around your roadblocks.

On the Third Day of Positive Thinking…Study your own habits and change the ones that don’t work for you. If nothing changes…nothing changes.

On the Fourth Day of Positive Thinking….Choose your words carefully.
The words you choose can greatly impact your mindset and the impact you have on other people.

On the Fifth Day of Positive Thinking…Look to those you admire.

Think of someone who has had a positive impact on you. Identify what it is that you admire most about them and mirror their positive characteristics.

On the Sixth Day of Positive Thinking… Find beauty in the world around you…actually take some time to “stop and smell the roses”.

Consider how many times you have been too busy to notice the beauty right under your nose…a random snowflake stuck to a window, the sun shining on your face, snow covered trees, bright blue sky, a kind gesture from a friend, or the positive benefits of laughter.

On the Seventh Day of Positive Thinking…See and appreciate all that is noble in one another. Choose to believe the best in someone’s intentions.

On the Eighth Day of Positive Thinking…Keep yourself buffered from the negative “noise” around you.

Fill yourself up with positive influences; and set healthy boundaries away from toxic people and situations.

On the Ninth Day of Positive Thinking…Remind yourself what truly motivates you to keep doing what you are doing.

You are in a very challenging field and it is easy to lose sight of what got you here to begin with…realign your focus on what you value most.

On the Tenth Day of Positive Thinking…Know that you got this!

Like the lyrics to the song "You Got This", breathe in and breathe out. Know that mistakes will be made but don't get caught up in them. Take faith in knowing that you got this!

On the Eleventh Day of Positive Thinking…Pay attention to the good things.

Give yourself the space to allow for positive emotions and pleasant experiences.

On the Twelfth Day of Positive Thinking…know the gifts and talents you bring into this world and embrace them.

You are unique and have something valuable to contribute to the world. If you don’t know what that is…Here is a hint: your gifts and talents are often the same personality traits that can create the greatest challenges for you at times. Often it is a process of learning how to work with them, and balance them, rather than working against them.

Still having trouble finding your gifts and talents or seeing the positive? Let us help you at the Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services!

Our counselors are readily available to help you sift through the 'tough stuff' in one or more sessions. Give us a try and reach out to us.

Winter Break Reminder:

The University will be closed for winter break December 21 to January 1. During the official University closures, no NEOMED counseling emails or voicemails will be attended but help is still available for those with a mental health emergency or who require counseling support.

View the Crisis Resource Card to contact local mental health support centers or national crisis hotline numbers.

Medical Emergency 9-11


Coleman Professional Services 330.296.3555

Townhall II 330.678.4357

AxessPointe 330.673.1016


Suicide Hotline

Sexual Abuse Network

Crisis Text Line

Self-help options are also available via Therapy Assistance Online (TAO).

Have a safe and enjoyable winter break!

The Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services

330.325.6757| counseling@neomed.edu|neomed.edu/cswc

-Submitted by Dana Whittlesey

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